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Showcase – Classic & Sports Car Gala – Cowdray Park – 7th May

This was a brave new venture for Chichester MG Owners Club. Very few Clubs have guts

enough to financially put their heads on the block in order to put on a thoroughly professional

and full programme event as this was. The rented Venue was fabulous. There was an optional

Drive Out in the morning in which well over a 100 cars took part. All

participants got a numbered rally plate and an A4 glossy programme and route.

Other cars arrived to exhibit in the


There was a vast choice of catering on site including a classic Bedford Ice Cream Van.

Entertainment included two separate stages for bands and a retro girls singing group.

The double Gold Medallist Joanna Rowsell Shand MBE was there to talk to people about

the Alopecia Charity that she supports, pose for

Photos with visitors and participate in


There were also a series of other fund raising


The objective was to attract a complete range of cars and this was well achieved.

A couple of cars that caught the imagination was a DB5 pre owned by Paul McCartney and rumoured to be worth well over a Million. Also there was an A35 modified for racing that I have been told is a regular at Goodwood and can be seen beating up Lotus Cortina’s Jags and also 5 litre saloons.

Nita and I helped with the Marshalling and were impressed that the whole day worked

well as it was a first time event and despite the water main burst that closed off one of

the roads on the drive out.

I really hope that Chichester MG Owners Club have come out on top. I also hope

they run a similar event in 2018 as it is bound to grow in size, stature and monies

raised for charity.

I strongly recommend all readers of this to attend in 2018.