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The Chateau

Three cars, Drippy, Iris and Fern wanted to stay on French roads, so we had to obey and  decided to stay in Brittany after the ever wonderful Tour de Bretagne classic car tour in June, and spend a few more days indulging our MG’s in French roads and ourselves in French food. We visited Quiberon and Carnac, Auray and Port de St Goustan, before making our way to our overnight stop. All cars were going well and no dramas.

Marina has always had one request whilst in Brittany, year on year. No it is not moules, …done that,…….no it is not Champagne……… done that…………. no it is not frites…….. done that………….. no it is not picnics in weird places…………. done that………………….. all she wanted was to have a gateau in a chateau.

We have done chateaux with no gateaux and gateaux with no chateauxu BUT this year, the Year of Our Lord 2017 we managed BOTH. Having decided to remain in Brittany for a few extra days MOG (AKA Neil S) booked us into a chateau close to the motor museum in Loheac, which we were to visit.

The weather was fabulous and whilst on our way we decided to book dinner as the chateau boasted a restaurant. I was told by the owner that they required 24 hours’ notice and I explained that we were unaware if this. Aly, the owner, said she would call us back in 15 mins and let us know if we could be accommodated. This she dutifully did and the answer was ‘OUI’.

We sat nav’d our way there and found a very small sign to the chateau sending us up a farm track This turned into a forest track and went on for a long time. MOG was more and more worried and kept saying ‘what the **** have I booked?’ We parked amongst the trees and he said, ‘get out, go and have a look and if it is naff get back quickly and we will leave’.  The alternative was to camp out in the forest and for those who don’t know….Marina does not do tents.

I dutifully wandered along the path to the building I could just about make out. I found a door and entered to find a very pleasant kitchen and dining area and foyer. All really lovely. Aly was there and greeted us like old friends. She showed us the two lower bedrooms for Ros and Neil P and Mark and Marina and we were delighted to say the least as they were beautiful. Aly said she would make us coffee if we wanted to come up the stairs. They were wood panelled and very historic servants stairs. Nothing so far had prepared us for what was to come.

We arrived into the main entrance hall of the chateau and all took sharp intakes of breath which did into stop until we left the following day. The chateau was FABULOUS.

All walls and pillars, ceilings and covings were hand painted in Art Nouveau style.

Mog and I were then shown to our room,

We had the RED ROOM upstairs.

Well Marina and Ros liked it perhaps a bit to much


The boys liked it too.

AND I had purchased a gateau.

We sunk a bottle of Prosecco with the Gateau and went down to dinner.

We did not see a table set for us and thought it a bit odd wondering where the restaurant was.

Aly again came to our rescue and said, ‘we thought you might like to eat outside and pointed to the terrace. Another sharp intake of breath as we spotted the fantastic scene outside. We were the only diners.

Phillipe then came out asking if we would like a glass of champagne (silly question) to go with the


We decided we must have all died and gone to heaven….. and if this was heaven we were staying.

After a five course dinner, with beautiful cutlery and crockery…(How big is your handbag?)….five bottles of hooch and coffee……..we thought we may need defibrillators in the morning when the bill came as I had omitted to ask how much dinner would be………

BUT for the meantime we were very happy bunnies, posing, post dinner,  on the steps of the Chateau.

Breakfast was just as sumptuous in the dining room.

If you want to know where it is??? As I guess you do… is a close secret as we are going back next year and staying a LOT LONGER

Did I mention my FABULOUS sparkly and jewelled bathroom? No? Well just use your imagination.

Photos do not do any of it justice. Can’t wait until 2018 for a return visit.