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The Tour de Bretague

June 2017

Once again and for the fourth year running we participated with four other members of Basingstoke MG Owners Club and Alresford Allsorts in this event. The event is organized by CMO and Brit Assist. It is basically a two night/day formal route event. We expanded it by arriving a day early and completing our previous exploration of St Malo . This included finding an amazing Art Noveau Bar with incredibly good quality wine and much much more that included swinging bar stools.

“Does my bum look big in this?.” (Don’t answer!!!)

This year included some sadness as David Render, a participant until this year had passed away at 90 plus. David was a WW2 tank commander, F1 test driver, entrepreneur and raconteur!

He arrived each year, except for 2016, with his yellow V12 Jag E Type, nicknamed the custard truck. Every year he bemoaned the fact that they had taken away his competition license.

Every year he maintained his race prepared black Jag E Type on the basis that he believed they may give him back his competition license. He could not remain behind anybody on the Tour De Bretagne who was not doing at least 11/10th but always each evening apologized to specific people for overtaking them.

 He was and will be missed

This year there was 35 cars. An incredibly eclectic assortment.

The three musketeers

We had a cat litter of Jags

The two 1951 Landies and others

Some interesting Mercs a Lancia, serious merchandise.

There was also a Morgan owned by a guy suffering mid life crisis. I did not say this – his wife did!

We did some 130 miles on the first day through incredible countryside in order to arrive at our Hotel in Ploemel.

The next day’s run was slightly shorter and took us by the Carnac Standing Stones. I understand that this is like Stonehenge on steroids as they stretch for miles.

The 3 MG’s stayed on in the Hotel for a further night and explored the Golfe du Morbihan and the lovely area of Quiberon.

Startign our return to St Malo and our way home we stopped off at a Chateau  that I had booked. If any of the girls want to write an article on this  - great - if not just say this ticked all the boxes and we want to keep this venue a secret. See picture for satisfaction level. Nobody wanted to leave.

Next day we went to Loheac. This Car Museum is very French but maybe better than any British Museum I have been to so far. A separate article on this visit is hopefully available on your newsletter/website.

Then the rains came. The MGB leaked like a sieve. Fortunately the windscreen wiper on the MGA that fell off was that on the passenger side. The RV8 possibly coped the best.

We got to St Malo and made our way home. Another adventure accomplished, new places found and our return guaranteed.