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Loheac Le Manoir de L’Automobile Musee

The next day we had to head for St Malo and the ferry via museum  Le Manoir Musee at Loheac.

Perhaps the  second best Car Museum in France ?– maybe Cite de L’Automobile with Schumplf Collection including biggest collection of Bugatti’s is the best? If it is – then it must be next to mind blowing as Le Manoir is pretty damn good.

However, it is very French with every Renault and  Citreon you can remember. It also featured a whole bunch of Panhards – a forgotten make to me until we joined Allsorts.

I thought Alpines were rare and expensive, if so this museum has millions of Euro.

There is the most amazing “homage to F1” that brings back almost forgotten names and their cars.

I would like to let the pictures talk and give you more but would suggest this is a bucket list destination. I have limited the pictures in order to whet but not satiate your appetite to visit.