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Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre Classic Car Event

23rd July 2017

What a great event. What a great venue. What great facilities. What a great day!

We had booked to go to this event last year but the weather was not good so for the £5.00 entry we wimped out.

This year, again against an “iffy” weather forecast, we “girded” our loins and four cars set out in convoy. Marigold, Iris, Drippy and Snowdrop. We arrived some minutes before curfew and parked up with an array of other classic cars, and quite a lot of MGs.

The site is some 36 acres and is littered with attractions including vintage garages, potteries, bus garages etc etc.

More to the point Classic and sometimes Vintage buses will take you around the site – I tried to use my bus pass but it is all free anyway! This allows you to pick where you want to go. As you can see the girls made a bee line for the bus

Those Classics arriving early are parked around the site and blend into the vintage attractions.

Now the Four MG Musketeers are renowned for their love of childish trains. Not to be disappointed Amberley came up with the goods with steam trains that also transported you around site

There were also cars for sale that included an incredibly well restored

A30 for 5K

and a 60’s Maserati for 110K.

There were almost 250 cars on display so it was not possible not to be “Wowed”. Something for everyone. Whatever floated your boat.

It was great to see strong “Club” presences. The Morris Minor Club was magnificent in the number and range of cars on show. There was a strong Porsche, Roller and Jensen presence.

It would be nice to think we could organise such a prescence next year?

One has to come away from such events with a favourite car. Mine was the Daimler that within two years of it’s life had been professionally converted to a 4 seater soft top.

Catering and other facilities were good so there was absolutely nothing not to like. The only exception to this was the rain that started at one o’clock. Unlike many other venues we all started to slope off early and were allowed to.

We are already considering a further visit and tagging it onto the Arundel Picnic next year and having a car weekend. Any takers?????