Adventures From 2019

Challengers Charity Run 
12th May 2019

Challengers are a charity that that is passionate about removing barriers to play for disabled children and young people whatever their disability. This run is part of their self-motivated fund raising and has become an annual event.......

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BMGOC Bluebell Run Out 

14th May 2019

On a lovely sunny evening in May, nine cars set out from Black Dam Ponds car park for a 20 mile run to the Yew Tree Pub at Wield. AS usual a lot of chatter and catching up ensued until we all gathered for Take Off..........

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New Forest Run 

2nd June 2019

The weather forecast was iffy as The Partridges and us set off at some ungodly hour in the morning in order to get to the start in good time at East Boldre in the New Forest. The journey was uneventful as we took a torturous route through Hursley and Southampton in order to avoid the M3 and M27...........

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Surrey Run 2019

Another great uncomplicated summers day MG experience began exceptionally well but was due to be somewhat multi-faceted by the end of the day. We had all decided to start early, arrive early and have a picnic. The day started for us and the Wooldridges with bacon sarnies and Bucks Fizz  at ours….for those not driving. In order to maintain the catering standards for the ladies in general I packed a cooled bottle of Chardonnay in an insulated case. I had won this bottle at our village fete on the Saturday – probably a bit of a cheap skate action as it had only cost me £1.......

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August Bank Holiday 
OMG! – no pun intended -  choices, choices, choices! Nita and I had booked up quite early on in the year  to join the Herald Newspaper event in Petersfield. We were only aware of MG95 quite late on.......

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Fish and Chip Run  

The weather forecast was “iffy” to say the least and the weather forecast versus what actually occurred had wildly varied for the last week or so, but a goodly number of members assembled at the Partridge’s Paddock at the start of the event. 

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