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The Doughnut Run 2017

24th September

Over here

No No

I meant over there!

Registration manned by Nita and Marina soon became very busy.

Paula and Ness’s raffle proved very popular and took and amazing £274.00.

Celia and Ros handed out what seemed hundreds of cups of tea and coffee and of course the amazing doughnuts.

Shirley manned the step by step tombola.

It was a busy morning for all.  

The drivers and their co-pilots returned to their cars and made ready for the off.

Mark, Ian, Mog, Dan, Alan, Neil, Derek, Paul, Zoe, Steven and Starsky did a fantastic job in getting all the cars safely on their way from Manydown Farm.

We can’t thank Marc and his team at Manydown Farm for all their help and support in making this event a wonderful success.

We then waited with baited breath for our entrants to return.

The first cars arrived back at around 2.30pm in glorious sunshine.

Picnics were set up and tales of adventures were told.

The route went down a storm everyone enjoying the beautiful countryside.

Thanks have to go to Mark and Neil for all their hard work on this one.

The prize winners were chosen by Zoe Kitson

They are as follows

Cat B Car up to 1961 Paul and Arlene Burton, Austin Healey 1957 4928 LJ

Cat C 1962 - 1989 Patrick  MGB 1971 UPU 121K

Cat D 1990 - to Present Mark Galbraith TF LE 2010 UNZ232

Car Zoe  Most Wanted to Take Home Will Davies MGTC 1949 GWT660

The sun shone and picnics were consumed while other adventurers returned. Only a couple of cars didn’t make it back.

The raffle prizes were collected and many cups of tea were served as well as a few more doughnuts!

Our Raffle Winners

The day drew to a close and an exhausted team went home to baths and bed.

We have to thank everyone involved in the event for making it such a wonderful occasion.

Special thanks have to go to Alan Howlett for all his hard work in organising the Doughnut Run this year, to Neil and Nita Simpson for advertising the event, keeping on top of all the registrations and for the hours of printing and run book binding and to Celia Howlett for doing such a wonderful job of organising the tea and doughnut tent.

The morning of the Doughnut Run 2017 was bright and clear, which was amazing considering  the rest of the weather in September.

The team arrived at eight ready to help Alan and Celia with the rest of the set up.

The first cars started to arrive,  Mog was very busy parking cars.

Our Prize Winners